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Metronet is Infocom's broadband Internet access and High-Speed-Data-Network (HSDN) service, based on Wireless Local Loop (WLL), using BreezeMAX wireless radio technology. Metronet subscribers connect to Infocom through one of the several high sites we have setup within Kampala and upcountry. Our engineers install at our client's premises via the radio modem and directional antenna. This connectivity gives our clients 24hrs / 7days a week, 365 days a year access to the Internet.

With a Metronet connection, subscribers also have a fixed IP address allocated which can be utilised for a number of additional Internet services such as your own mail server in relation with your own domain name (Infocom can host your domain name and also register it for you provided it is still available.) Your web site can be related to this fixed IP address and domain name, and can be a base link for a Virtual Private Network setup (VPN), meaning a link with other affiliated offices of your company permanently linked together via the Internet or local Metronet, for high-speed data exchange and connectivity. Metronet broadband also supports and offers Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, Collocation, e-learning applications, Audio/Video Streaming and On-line TV applications.

Metronet gives you a dedicated bandwidth connection with speeds starting from 256Kbps Full Duplex.

Whatever your demands are, we can provide you with the very best and scalable connectivity solution which allows you to grow with your future requirements.

Infocom's Metronet Service Level Agreement provides commitments in three key areas:

  • Network quality - The speed of your connection will not fall below specified levels.

  • Service quality - The connection will be available for a guaranteed specified time.

  • Customer care quality - Should a fault cause the connection to become unavailable, Infocom will notify the customer within specified timescales.

 For more information call: +256(0)20 2401100 or +256(0)41 4562800 or email:

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